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Virtual Scavenger Hunts and More
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The Virtuality app provides numerous opportunities to enhance your marketing and events strategy. Play virtual scavenger hunts, quests, discovery games and more. Using geolocation and augmented reality the fun app offers Shopping Centres, BIAs, Communities, Towns, Various Events, Universities and private businesses an opportunity to engage their communities and support your strategic goals.
The app has built-in options to promote local business, hosts contests and display your custom augmented reality objects as part of a fun scavenger hunt, quest or event.
From Virtual Easter Egg hunts to discovery quests Virtuality will provide custom solutions and enhance your efforts like never before.
Our team and packages provide you with full support, reports and live analytics.

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Virtual Easter

Virtual Easter is a unique marketing tool kit, designed to connect with the community in a COVID-safe way, bring joy, adventure and hope.  We are excited to collaborate with you. Learn about upcoming events and sponsorship opportunities.


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Virtual Easter Experience

Virtual Halloween

Trick or Play? This year organize a fun, safe and exciting virtual reality Halloween game. Our offering provides an opportunity to entertain, promote local business, and engage with customers.


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Virtual Halloween experience

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Virtual Santa

Virtual Santa Experience is an immersive 3D virtual experience, unique to you online adventure which could turn into an in-person activation. It further provides you with invaluable insights for all your future marketing and sales needs.


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Virtual Santa Experience