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Welcome to New You with Unlearn Marketing Workshop


On average you will be bombarded by over 80 ads on social media if you have searched about workshops, classes and help with your career, life and business. They all offer easy steps, lists, templates and formulas to make 7 figure income in no time. The one thing life has shown all of us is that there is no easy money and you are the only person who can influence change in your life.
My approach is different. I have created the Unlearn Marketing Workshop with a methodology to guide and challenge marketing professionals to DO differently and BE their best solution, by not wasting precious resources and time. I want you to work hard on what matters and get the results that are best for you!
My Story

I  was born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria. Grew up in nature and urban mix. I sang in a choir with no musical education while attending a specialized math high school and worked in QSR, research, food and movie industries by the age of 18. On one occasion, I sang in front of 6,000 people in one of the most prestigious venues in the Capital.  Subsequently, when I was 18 started working for JWT an international advertising agency. My client accounts were some of the coolest there were, such as Visa, Amex, and Nestle. Simultaneously studied Journalism and Mass Media full-time, receiving bursaries for my excellent academic performance. Yet, the feeling that I was never good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, was palpable!


15 years ago I moved to Canada. Naively embarked on an adventure, newly married, after only 3 months of romance and 2 weeks of marriage (a little rushed, yep?!). Had to restart my life while raising a family with no family or friends of my own for support. Ergo, completely alone in a brand new world! The trauma was real and deep!


After a couple of years on Canadian soil, I got accepted and graduated with Honours and on the Dean’s Honours Roll from Communication Studies at York University in two instead of four years. I worked two jobs at one point, had 7 am to 10 pm classes, and still cared for my son. To make things more interesting, I  made homemade meals every day from scratch, freshly squeezed juices and tried to keep my culture alive with my son.


I remember one night driving back from the university on 401. By looking at my arms I realized am somehow weirdly skinny. To add to the spooky vision, I started seeing shapes on the road due to over-exhaustion. I got scared! A strong personality trait makes me work relentlessly to accelerate and deliver exceptional results no matter the context, effort, or cost. It is a double-edged sword.


I entered the real estate industry as an outside-of-the-box marketer over a decade ago. As a result, I learned incredibly valuable lessons on how to navigate this magically complex industry to grow my career.


It involved believing in myself, speaking up, playing the game and having true confidence to sell my value. It was also incredibly hard!

Fast forward, I went through a mentally and physically exhausting divorce that put me in clinical burnout and on a path to a different life! I was once again, challenged through the roof of my human capacity. Self-doubt, imposter complex, depression, they all crept in and started destroying me.

This time, I was more prepared, mature, and had a big bag of life lessons, tools and the capacity to be there for myself.


I am now a proud female owner of a marketing agency that provides a unique view on marketing for strategic and engaged leaders that want to market in the future and have efficient departments in the present. I continue to take on new projects outside of my comfort zones, lift them off the ground and create successful and market-ready entities that may prove to be groundbreaking. My ideas and legacy of strategies have penetrated the brands I worked for, leaving lasting and impactful footprints in teams and communities respectively.


Most of all, I strive (and often honestly even fail) to be mindful of executing in the present with a vision for the future. But I do not give up and keep smiling, crying, living! I create a contagious creative and mindful environment with every human interaction because it makes us collectively better, brighter and stronger! This includes career growth, work-life balance, and entrepreneurial insight. It includes accepting failures in my eyes and these of my peers. I am an open vulnerable book that relentlessly fights like a wild cat! With all of this, I decided to run a unique and accessible workshop for marketers who need to challenge their way of thinking, gain confidence, feel supported to achieve more wholesome results in their lives and release that wild cat or whatever their spiritual animal may be!


Sign up for a free live session webinar on August 17, 2022, at 12 EST to learn more and receive complimentary tools to begin your transformational journey.





Have a leap of faith in yourself and my true dedication to you and scroll below to purchase directly. Our true worth is what we are willing to pay for hard work!


The Unlearn Marketing workshop will begin on September 1, 2022
Who Will Benefit Most From The Unlearn Marketing Workshop

YOU-Be Your Own Solution

Imagine your life truly providing you with opportunities you have not foreseen. You will uncover a feeling inside you to guide, celebrate and embrace you, rather than tearing you apart from self-doubt and other negative triggers.

My current Unlearn Marketing Workshop is ideal for marketers who are stuck in their creative or career growth and unsure how to move to the next phase.

It is also ideal for marketing professionals who are ready to go on their own; or have already made that step but need support and guidance on how to move to the next phase.

The class will benefit anyone suffering from harmful thoughts who cannot advance because they simply don’t know how!

Freedom & Creativity

Power & Independence

Balance & Selflove

Your Tribe & Purpose

The Workshop

Four Unlearn Marketing Workshop Quadrants

Our first workshop will focus on four improvement areas which will help you be an excellent marketing advocate of your own successes. They will further solidify your self-worth and own brand, enabling success in any area you wish to pursue now or in the future.

Brainstorm- start with the basics and learn how to think, imagine and create again. Leave experience behind to create groundbreaking solutions.

Budget- realize when the budget was actually a problem and how cheap is not always cheaper!

Lean- start running a leaner life, with less broken and more flowing elements, people and situations!

Attract- the final stage is to feel attractive and attract what needs to come your way without desperately trying to be perfect and control it all.

Are you ready to commit to change and hard work?
Investing in a new skill, class and learning experience is always a risk. Life and all its actions are a risk. Yet, we keep marching. We keep living and wanting to do better.  This class is meant to reconfirm the essence of life. I do not offer 14 days guarantee and money back, because I am here for you- you need to do the work. I will pass my knowledge, lessons, methods, tools and support, but you need to show up.

The workshop consists of:


  1. One individual meeting with goal setting
  2. Four group virtual meetings in one month
  3. One 30 min reflection meeting
  4. Accountability buddy system for six months


I am looking forward to your entrance into a new world!