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Innovative marketing consultancy
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Mirable Inc. is a holistic marketing agency offering fractional executive and senior-level services and experiential brand activations.
Our enthusiastic team provides fractional marketing and business development services for small and mid-size businesses. This includes oversight, strategic marketing and budget planning for short or long-term objectives. Our experience, skills and mission ensure continuity to success in an ever-evolving marketplace.
Our divisions include Strategy, Marketing & Business Development and Innovation.

In one sentence

What we do: We build and execute marketing and business development strategies for small and mid-size companies.
Why Us: Our team has a long-standing reputation for developing and executing strategic plans that empower businesses and brands, and we are passionate about the craft!
What’s in for You: Hiring a fractional marketing executive or senior-level professional ensures a diverse and dedicated set of skills, depth of business understanding, continuity and fresh ideas for your company.
How we do it: We have a step-by-step methodology, an audit process and a personnel skill matrix that ensures enthusiastic teams are motivated and equipped for the strategy.

Marketing & Business Development

Mirable Inc. provides fractional services on the oversight,  strategic and execution parts of marketing. We believe in creating market-adept strategies that benefit your brand intelligently and profitably.
The depth of our services includes communications services, branding, budgeting, team management and development, event management,  and digital production.
The agency supports Canadian companies and vendors, including the retail, real estate, cultural, SaaS and tourism sectors, to deliver exceptional and affordable marketing and business development fractional services that enhance their operations and support economic development in their communities.
Branding and Guidelines

Digital Marketing

Graphic Design

Virtual and In-Person Events

Website & App Design

Photography and Production



Mirable’s innovation department is a unique and forward-planning offering. We develop experiential solutions to address market disruptions and increase engagement through technology, events and engaging activations.
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Meet the Team

Marketing Consultant Mira Kopanarov

Mira Kopanarov
Chief Operating Officer
Director, Marketing & Business Development



Mira has over 15 years of complex business experience creating and managing brick-and-mortar and innovative solutions, utilizing marketing, business development, events and stakeholder relations expertise. Her vision is to provide boutique professional services to small and mid-size clients who need flexibility and exceptional services at the same time.

She is focused on building a unique and successful strategy for each client utilizing the power of marketing and business development strategy and execution. Mira is a holistic and inspiring leader with a versatile skill set and resourceful business aptitude that will ensure your business investment is set to succeed.

Marketing Consultant Junior

Rahel Ogbamichael
Marketing Manager


Rahel is our digital marketer who gets it done. She has extensive experience with seamlessly integrating Sales and Marketing. She handles social media, contests, website upkeep, marketing activations, reports and all day to day or long-term objectives for our clients!


Anderson Magri
Graphic Designer


Anderson is our corporate graphic designer. He ensures your brand is presented as creatively and innovatively as needed. Highly creative and multitalented, Anderson has an extensive experience in digital & print design, advertising and 3d.


Mihail Nedkov
Senior Graphic Designer & Art Director


Mihail has been an art director and designer for over 20 years. His vast experience spans various top Toronto agencies and working on diverse brands, including Scotiabank,  Microsoft and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. He is our branding and digital expert, taking your campaigns to a level of creative excellence.


Mel C
Director, Virtual Reality and 3D


Melody has over 10 years of experience in design and built-industry. She sees visualization as a tool to showcase the potential of a project; to emphasize what it feels like to be in a virtual representation of a space. She handles a team of experts to create virtual excellence for your business and navigates our innovative and first-to-market marketing activations.

Monica Makarious

Monica Makarious
Digital Marketing & Design Associate


Monica has diverse marketing and design experience and a real can-do attitude. She is joining Mirable Inc. at an exciting time and will be responsible for creating and executing marketing materials for internal and external stakeholders. Monica will further challenge innovative ideas and look after building an extensive public relations network with the best fit partners.


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Our Mission, Vision and Values reflect an inspiring creative force to deliver sustainable and lasting solutions for our clients.
Mission: To inspire sustainable growth by offering fractional and experiential marketing services.
Vision: To create a scalable business model that empowers clients and their customers beyond the conventional.
Aspiring | Bespoke | Loyal | Empathic
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Two companies join forces to deliver marketing craft and digital innovation services as a one-stop experience to real estate clients. Mirable Marketing and Light and Me are combining decades of experience to fulfil a growing need on the market to provide quality boutique services to real estate clients across Canada.


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Joint forces deliver one stop service to real estate clients.

The Women’s Connection

The Women’s Connection is a creative and professional collaboration between female professionals. The goal of the initiative is to provide opportunities for women to enhance their networking circles and add a cultural and artistic touch to their social experiences, laying the foundations for strong and empowering experiences. The inaugural event under the slogan Doing Power Differently takes place on March 8, 6-9pm, at Broadview Place.


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The Women's Connection is a professional and creative collaboration.

Art and Advocacy

Our Founder, Mira,  is excited to share her artistic portfolio after 20 years of journeying to the culmination of that experience.

She has beautifully opened her expressions to the world and invites everyone to look closer into her artwork with a focus on the self, the present and the cosmos.


Enjoy the storytelling.
Cosmos-Seed to Follow part of Soul Expressions collection by Mira K. Storyteller

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