Shop Talk Fridays: Social and Digital Trends

social and digital trends

Shop Talk Fridays: Social and Digital Trends

We were so excited to be back in the studio. And meeting some of the top leaders in their fields. Our latest Shop Talk Friday episode focuses on Social and Digital Trends. It continues with an insightful observation of young professionals entering the business landscape. It further addresses corporate leaders. And how their brands and customer connections are also largely influenced by every type of content they produce in the public domain.

A special thank you to Rafael Tercarolli, from Hootsuite, for the positive and exciting input.

It is hard to navigate the ever-expanding and changing marketing and digital realms. Add into the mix the absolute chaos and accelerated demands that the COVID-19 pandemic brought to the market and daily lives across the Globe. We experienced an unprecedented (the most popular word in the last 18 months!) tornado of rapidly evolving processes and technologies. At the same time, we witnessed the slow burnout of so many other areas of our lives.

In this episode, Rafel Tercarolli and Mira Kopanarov discuss the evolution of social and digital media, the latest trends, and which channels have a high adoption potential, with more forgiving algorithms, such as TikTok for example.

What should small businesses focus on?

How to select the most appropriate platforms for their business needs when budget and time need to be harnessed to secure sales and build customer connections. Can you use social media as your sales channel? Can you bypass other costly endeavours for now? Maybe it is worth partnering with other businesses, where your services complement each other and could jointly benefit the shared customer base.

Rafael and Mira also dive into the intricacies and evolution of social media in the hands of the end consumer. They explore the interconnectivity between platforms which naturally evolve with usage and trends. Do parents need to stay relevant by joining Discord and TikTok? 

Rafel and Mira also discuss the increasing pressure on new professionals. The increased and sometimes unjust demand on experienced professionals, and the overall brand strategy for corporate leaders wrap-ups the episode.

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