Partnership Announcement

Partnership Announcement

Partnership Announcement

New Services

We are super excited to make a partnership announcement with the trusted and highly talented team of LightandMe. We have been honoured to have Mel as part of our team supporting our virtual reality efforts ever since our paths crossed on a client’s project over three years ago.

Mel became an invaluable team member, supporting us through creative, adventurous and rewarding projects.

We are taking this solid bond to the next level.

LightandMe brings decades of experience, creativity and unparalleled work ethics.

One-stop Marketing

This exciting partnership allows Mirable to offer a one-stop marketing package for real estate developers, rental portfolios, industrial and commercial projects across Canada.

The marketing and sales packages are all individually tailored to match the uniqueness and elegance of each project and include a multitude of products.

Competitive Pricing and Services

With the amalgamation of our services, we can provide incredibly competitive services, including exterior and interior renderings, virtual tours, stills and product renderings, blacklines, sales and marketing brochures and full-cycle marketing support for short and long term projects.

We strive to produce high-quality work with efficiency and cost agility.

Hire a Canadian Business

Hiring a hard-working Canadian business supports many families and the collective economic recovery. There is no pride when we need to take care of our families, so be kind to hard-working small businesses and their continuous efforts to provide better services!

The unprecedented times we all quote lately have taken a massive toll on the small businesses in Canada. We believe working together is the way to overcome these difficulties. We encourage all of our partners and community members to promote local counterparts actively, create referral networks and find ways to promote services that will help Canadian families to get back on their feet and contribute to the recovery we all look forward to.