What’s in Shop for Holiday Season 2022

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What’s in Shop for Holiday Season 2022

Are the consumer trends changing for Holiday Season 2022?

It is finally July and time to soak in the sun a bit? Nevertheless, the Holiday Season planning is just around the corner for marketers, especially in the retail and shopping centre industry.


Did you know that according to Think With Google :

In June 2021, 31% of U.S. shoppers had already started their holiday shopping; and 37% of shoppers who shopped last holiday season wished they had started earlier.

The global supply problems and continuous turmoils have made people conscious and it is expected that 50% of US shoppers will start shopping earlier to avoid items being out of stock.


Promising Trends


Some interesting trends below have promising traits of engagement for this year to tackle the changing market landscape:


  • Video

Multiplying its reach via various platforms and transforming mediums. Video is solidifying its position as the Queen of content with captions, influencer co-branding, authenticity through movement, colours, realism and sharing of life events. Educational and travel snippets from all corners of the world entertain and immerse us into a world that we want to touch and feel after a couple of years of confinement.


  • Virtual and Augmented Reality

From gaming, events, and booking travel to simple engagement with customers, virtual and augmented reality is going forward at full speed. Brands are using the technology to personalize shopping and enhance the customer experience across the Globe. Early adopters are guaranteed valuable insights and knowledge and rapidly improve with time.


  • Cross-promotion, partnerships and following the customer desires

It is time businesses and communities seriously combine their creative efforts to tackle the mountains of challenges the pandemic left us with.

63 % of people reported they want to travel BIG very soon.

Is that an opportunity to incentivize them and generate record-breaking engagements for your centres and brands? Maybe a combination between technology and food, or experience will open the door for loyal customers. Subsequently, to pour their support for the partnership or cross-promotion of brands.

A perfect example of such trends is the partnership between Starbucks and Galaxy buds. Although, only available in North Korea, it is a distinct sign of the forward path larger brands are paving. Brands that are SMART and combine efforts to onboard an attractive partner will see positive outcomes. The connection with various brands will bring double the attention.

Another primer example of our trends prediction is a marketing campaign by Disney. If giants like Disney tap into the changing consumer trends and desires, it is paramount for companies to realize the fundamental shift that is happening this year.

This is now a possibility thanks to Disney’s new announcement of a luxury travel package that will allow for an international tour of all 12 of its parks in a private jet for $110,000.

The entertainment conglomerate has 75 spots available for fans to fly on a jet-set tour of its theme parks in California, Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Paris and Florida.

Dubbed “Disney Parks Around the World — A Private Jet Adventure”, the itinerary will last 24 days in total and, alongside the theme parks, ticket holders will also be taken to the Taj Mahal in India, the Egyptian Pyramids of Giza and the Eiffel Tower.


The obstacles the last two years presented are still with us, such as vacant space. Is the Holiday Season the perfect opportunity to combine challenges and opportunities? For example, vacant space hoarding wraps as part of events?

Unlike ever before, we have the opportunity to create excitement and combine efforts!


The key is to thrive during adversities and sense the trends at their inception

You all have the sense of what’s coming, hot and changing. It is instrumental for professionals to follow their experience. This allows for successful campaigns and career growth!

Our marketing agency has some unique and inspiring ideas including virtual and in-person activations and is always happy to support you in your brainstorming and creative excellence. Reach out and let’s have a quick brainstorm of how we can assist you with some of your projects this Holiday Season!


A possible decline in social media usage?


Undoubtedly, anything new will include technology. But the key to success will be bringing the good old excitement of live events as part of a marketing strategy. There is still a strong resistance in Canada to experiment with hybrid events and explore the power of merging technology and live experiences. Unfortunately, our Canadian market is on the conservative spectrum. A well-known fact amongst marketers, art directors and producers in the country. We have more prescriptive marketing rather than conceptual. The hybrid events might be just what we need to shake up the stagnation and devastating shadow of COVID’s restrictions.


Technology and good old-fashioned experiences


Bridging the use of technology to attract people back to live venues will be a must. Uniting efforts for cross-promotional opportunities will be the strategic survival move different industries can make. It is no longer just a nice addition to your media mix or a brave badge of honour. We are now communicating with a constantly plugged society that craves innovation and combines brands natively to satisfy their needs and wants. Furthermore, blended experiences prevent consumers from experiencing brands, so whoever manages to build a clean and exciting strategy will be an undeniable winner. The responsibility of marketers will be to deliver a new type of fun. Undeniably, at the right place and pace with the assistance of new kinds of technology that will keep engagement high.


Experience as part of your product or service


It is no longer enough to offer just a product or service. The abundance of options for consumers is pushing brands to innovate, and if they don’t, they will be left behind. The experience is becoming a tangible benefit for brands, and there is no room for conservative moods or fear of failure to try.




Giants like Ikea tested virtual reality for their kitchen experience in 2016. AT&T and Lowes were not behind with similar applications.


Most recently, Cadbury’s augmented reality campaign Worldwide Hide allowed customers to place an augmented reality egg anywhere in the world. Subsequently, they can ask their friends and family to find it. The company tried interactive hybrid events back in 2012 with large digital screens in London and displaying augmented reality objects live.


The UK retail giant ASOS launched a virtual catwalk in 2019, embracing the challenges posed by the pandemic as a unique opportunity to push innovation forward. 


Most recently, Chipotle, hands down, delivered a fun and exciting blend of virtual and real experiences during an NHL game. These are just examples of testing the market and gaining valuable insight and data while others are still thinking about it.


Superhero marketers


Marketers need to accountably brave up to test new realms and utilize technology to its highest potential. This approach will pave the path to possibly creating the next new thing and technology that will shape our experiences in the decades to come. Innovation stems from authenticity and experimenting, and well-informed marketers have the potential to shape the following medium and trends.


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