Halloween Ideas

halloween ideas

Halloween Ideas

Halloween ideas and trends for 2022

It feels like marketers never live in the present. Planning, strategies, and schedules keep the creative minds always a step ahead of the now.


Halloween has never been major marketing spend, but is this changing?

  • Halloween 2021 has a record-breaking $10.1 B expected spend in US.
  • The order of spending was costumes, decorations and candy.
  • The top celebration activations were hand out candy, decorate, dress up, carve a pumpkin and party.


The growing Halloween market segment positively drives competition to explore and create new trends. Subsequently, retailers are increasingly competing to leverage the new spending potential. Are Landlords and other businesses supporting them?


Your work success is your personal growth development

Marketers should embrace the opportunity to build new and exciting trends for their customers. Halloween seems like the perfect opportunity to explore this adventure. Thus, the initiative supports leasing and adds value to your properties, just before the Holiday season kicks off. Furthermore, what an incredible opportunity to grow your professional brand and portfolio. You will be designing a new successful campaign at a time that is usually perceived as a candy-giving and low-key activation?


  • Parties & Games

Explore the notion of gaming, parties and directing traffic around the Centre. Such could be achieved with scavenger hunts (digital and hybrid), and exploration quests. Utilize augmented and virtual reality options, QR codes, vacant space and your seasonal tenants is a good place to start.


  • Who’s already doing it?

Research your community and see who is already doing an awesome job, how about a free trial at a vacant space?


  • Costumes

The best part about Halloween is not the sugar! To its full potential, utilise the craving for dress-up once a year, and add video and live for guaranteed engagement!


If you are stuck, look for help

Sometimes we regurgitate on the same problem, getting creatively and emotionally stuck on the problem. You are never alone, there are numerous consultants and agencies that specialize in coming up with new ideas, doing research and training their teams to be ahead of the curve. Tap into that to ensure success. Undeniably, paying for expertise allows you to focus on managing and success.


We will happily help you develop a spooky and fun program for your customers. Email us for a quick intro meeting!

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