Father’s Day Ideas

Fathers Day

Father’s Day Ideas

Time to plan for dad


Being in the Shopping Centre industry makes you sensitive to all retail cycle celebrations. You are also more socially aware of what the community wants to engage with. We know marketing budgets are the first to be cut, and there are priorities when it comes to planning, but storytelling happens with all community members!

Father’s Day has always been a runner up to Mother’s Day. Moms feel the recognition and attention as so precious, but surely,  dads love it too!

An annual marketing plan should be a storytelling exercise.


Some interesting stats


According to Statista, in 2021, Mother’s day expenditure was $28.1 Billion in the US, compared to $20.82 Billion for Father’s Day.

Are you missing out on bridging that gap? 


Is it time for something new?


With easy shopping options online and cool personalized ideas from Etsy, combined with an abundance of electronic gadgets on sale, it may be hard to think that a Shopping Centre will attract enough traffic to justify rearrangement of the marketing budget.

If we are all experiencing tough times, isn’t it time to try something new?


The above numbers show a solid and promising category. Although your retailers will have holiday-centric deals, testing if Father’s Day has the potential to solidify your community relations and engage patrons to spend more time and have fun at your centre will be exciting. After all, our job is to continuously improve and build a relationship with our audience and provide exciting new opportunities to connect and learn.


Father’s Day Ideas


We have some ideas to share and are happy to support your efforts through innovative technologies and simplified execution. These include dad jokes scavenger hunt, digital photo contest, win for dad with digital application and more.

If there is not enough budget for innovation, below are some free to execute ideas:

  • Dad’s trivia social media engagement
  • Why my dad is a big cuddly bear- story contest
  • Surprise dad video contest
  • Nominate dad to win


  • Father’s day creative gift ideas from your retailers, magazine-style and downloadable via QR code, install at entrances, stores and common areas.
  • Steps to dad’s presents and experience, instal floor decals to stores and services with Father’s Day deals and make them theme-inspired.


Although the above stats are from the US, $3.9 Billion were allocated to a special outing. It may be worthwhile exploring how you can become that special outing!