Black Friday Craze

Black Friday

Black Friday Craze

Black Friday used to be this Big deal!

Is Black Friday still a big deal? Was it ever in Canada? I had this discussion professionally way too often in the past decade, and my answer was never particularly popular. NO!

I worked the floor, did promotions, helped retailers; the results were not overwhelming, as we wished!

We never had an attachment to the craze for a few reasons:

  1. There is no Holiday attached to Black Friday for Canadians.
  2. Who really takes a day off to go and shop deals, because for Canadians is a full day at work (whatever work is nowadays)?
  3. The deals are now stretching for weeks, months and also have a lazy alternative- The Cyber Monday craze, without lineups, people, and so on.

 So larger retailers may have been disappointed with the results compared to our Southern neighbours. Retailers themselves may get a little frustrated with the push, hard work and unsatisfactory results. Customers are obviously smarter and can research compare prices of items they have been eyeing for a bit.

As a result, also, many smaller shops get absolutely obliterated by the lack of exposure and competitiveness.

Would the new world order change things?


In a recent blog, we already discussed some of the challenges.

Let’s mention just some of the immediate problems that come to mind.

  • Subdued offers
  • Online convenience
  • Labour shortage
  • Supply chain challenges
  • Inability to offer great discounts
  • Lack of resources to advertise
  • Fierce international competition


Let’s focus on what could be done to take advantage of something that maybe doesn’t work as well in Canada, yet there is an expectation to comply from a business standpoint. Really, a pickle!

How to turn Black Friday into a customer experience, not just a cheap product!

If you are unable to overcome the abovelisted challenges, maybe it is time to start thinking about what else you can offer that the screen and cheap product can’t!

Customer Services & Experience

When you do a simple trend search in Google about some common items and reasons for people to shop, see where the reviews are coming!

google trends black Friday


Customer experience is the reviews of other customers are probably more important than the dress or shoes you offer. Not only that, it may bring you more sales.


So now when you are challenged with following a trend in which you have no way of winning, don’t be just a part of the crowd, be your own leader.

Do this for Boxing Day too, be the best in communicating with your people; make them your Tribe, your fans and idols.