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Mirable Inc. is a marketing storytelling agency using mixed reality tools and strategic partnerships to deliver unforgettable experiences.


Harnessing the power of archetypal branding, we pave the way for the brands of tomorrow.


Mixed reality and strategic partnerships combine to create engaging storytelling.

Storytelling is the oldest form of human engagement and the beating heart of marketing. The tools and platforms are only secondary to the ability to tell an enchanting brand story. We lead with curiosity and are particularly mindful of the footprint we leave in the community fabric.

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Meet the Team

Mira Kopanarov
Chief Storytelling Officer


Mira is a passionate storyteller and has over 17 years of complex business experience. She is an artist that utilizes mixed media in mixed reality environments to craft the most compelling strategies for clients.

Liuba Encheva
Communications Specialist 


Liuba has a fierce grasp of language as a medium and a passion for storytelling. Her dedication to the craft of communications and technology is unparalleled.


Anderson Magri
Graphic Designer


Anderson is our corporate graphic designer. He ensures your brand is presented as creatively and innovatively as needed. Highly creative and multitalented, Anderson has an extensive experience in digital & print design, advertising and 3d.


Mel C
Director, Virtual Reality and 3D


Melody has over 10 years of experience in design and built-industry. She sees visualization as a tool to showcase the potential of a project; to emphasize what it feels like to be in a virtual representation of a space. She handles a team of experts to create virtual excellence for your business and navigates our innovative and first-to-market marketing activations.

Marketing Consultant Junior

Rahel Ogbamichael
Marketing Manager


Rahel is our digital marketer who gets it done. She has extensive experience with seamlessly integrating Sales and Marketing. She handles social media, contests, website upkeep, marketing activations, reports and all day to day or long-term objectives for our clients!

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